A Leading Investor’s Perspective on Raising Follow-On Funding and Making a Difference

Sarah Cone, founder and managing partner of Social Impact Capital, shares her perspective on how “to do well by doing good.” in this article from Entrepreneur. Read more> Source: Entrepreneur,Read More

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BY Christa Nuijs | July 10, 2020

The funding fundamentals investors want you to nail!

Investors meet with a lot of founders who are at different stages, with different business models and varied growth opportunities. However, what’s critical to all investors is the need forRead More

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BY Nicole Denholder | May 27, 2020

Questions Every Investor Asks

By Amanda Williams, Strategy Lead, Next Chapter Raise There is some truth that fundraising is a numbers game. Even with the best preparation, you will likely have to talk toRead More

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BY Amanda Williams | May 15, 2020