Do you know about….when to involve a lawyer?

by NICOLE DENHOLDER|8 November 2021

Lawyers are an important part of fundraising but often founders wonder “When is the right time to involve them?” and “What will they do?” (and always “How much will they cost?”)

These questions are important as fundraising is a process and not a sprint, and as many founders are watching their $$$, having the right lawyer at the right time is crucial.

We had the amazing team from KorumLegal, Titus Rahiri and Nathalie Tortellier, explain how the role of lawyer is a mix of the following roles:

But how does that actually work in reality during fundraising?  Nathalie talked through that in our recent Masterclass.  Here is a sneakpeek on what she shared with our members.

What else did KorumLegal discuss in our MasterClass?

♦️ Learn the general time frame of a deal

♦️ When and what would a lawyer help on

♦️ What are the typical documents lawyers assist on

♦️ What should a founder have in place before speaking to a lawyer

♦️ Legal issues or red flags to watch for when seeking equity funding

♦️ Post-deal growth issues to consider

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