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Titus Rahiri and Dr. Nathalie Tortellier

Titus Rahiri is the CEO and Founder of Korum Legal. Dr. Nathalie Tortellier is a Legal Consultant at KorumLegal.

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April Lam

April Lam is the founder of Aello and is involved in the market-entry strategy and localized marketing to help HK SMEs in mapping their regional growth on both online and offline levels.

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Fundraising through Family & Friends

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Ankita Vashistha

Founding partner at StrongHer Capital and Saha Fund with a focus on diversity and gender lens investing.

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Tracie Clark

Tracie Clark GAICD CPA is an active Angel investor and investment professional with over 25 years’ experience in investment management, financial services, accounting and business strategy.

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Mark Sims

Mark Sims is the COO of Xccelerate, which was founded with the vision of solving the human capital development challenges in Asia. Mark engages diverse stakeholders groups in innovation and ways of working that add value to the business and can be commercialised to drive top line results.

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Mel Gollan

Mel’s passion lies in innovating to defy all odds; designing technology that transforms businesses. A descendant of a New Zealand Maori Chief, she’s a natural self-starter and born leader, who believes in the combined power of discipline and hard work. Through her vision and sharp business acumen, she developed a simple solution to an extraordinary problem.

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Crystal Pang

Crystal Pang is the Co-founder & CEO of Pickupp, a technology platform focused on logistics optimization and supply chain management, providing affordable cross-border or intra-city solutions for 3PL, e-commerce and retailers.

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Jingjin Liu

Jingjin Liu is the Co-founder and CEO of ZaZaZu, the first personalized sexual wellness hub in Asia Pacific that synergizes education, digital services and products to help women own their sexual wellness.

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