Highlights from the Fireside Chat with Ada Lam, HSBC

by NICOLE DENHOLDER|28 September 2020

Fireside Chat with Ada Lam

Last week, our community had an informative call with Ada Lam from HSBC Commercial Banking discussing different financing options for small to medium sized businesses.

Ada Lam is Division Head, Innovative Business and Ecosystem Partnership, HSBC Commercial Banking and she took the time to share her experiences from her various roles at HSBC to discuss the following areas:

  • Credit worthiness and how to manage cash, with a discussion on how to use financial management to better run a company e.g. in negotiate with suppliers
  • Use of digital payments to support smoother business management
  • Use of business credit cards in supporting the business
  • Receivable finance opportunities and repayment approach
  • Term loans under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme
  • Term loans under the Innotech Business Installment Loans

For our members you can signup for a 1:1 consultation with the HSBC team on any of the above topics plus bank accounts opening.   If you would like to know more about Next Chapter Raise and how we collaborate with organisations such as HSBC, please click here to contact us

And other great news from HSBC, they’re offering a Special 100% Loan Guarantee under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme. So, if your business is doing it tough this year, check it out.