Special Edition Podcast

As part of the StartmeupHK 2021 Festival, featuring the Next Chapter Raise Female Funding Fair on 24 May, 2021 we have released this special edition podcast featuring the final event of the Funding Fair, sharing insights on all things Female Financial Power. Debbie Watkins (LUCY), Dipika Jaikishan (Basis), Adrian Warr (Edelman), moderated by Gwen Faure (The Women’s Foundation Board Member), referenced a survey conducted by The Women’s Foundation which stated that “42% of men think families will suffer if more women are at work” and that changing perceptions still remains important.

As it stands, the gender pay gap in Hong Kong is 20%, which is less than it was ten years ago. Yet, 1 in 6 women in Hong Kong still live below the poverty line. Accessible finance for women seems more essential than ever, with more and more women in developing countries are considering how they can access the same finances that their fathers had.

To view the whole event, watch here.