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Raising The Funding Bar To Get Women Funded Faster

Next Chapter has launched our podcast, Raise the Bar. The podcast features news related to female founders, first-hand accounts from founders, investors, lawyers and other key players in the ecosystem, advice from our experts-in-residence, and alternative pitches that showcase our platform members.

We will talk about how to fix the broken funding system to help more women succeed and how women can battle through the current system to access capital and scale their businesses.


This episode features Marianne Hughes, one of our recent Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at Next Chapter Raise and an award-winning entrepreneur and thought leader on transparency. As the Founder and CEO of Kno Global, her goal is to humanize the supply chain and reach 10m factory workers globally.

Our philosophy at Next Chapter Raise is that fundraising is a journey and not just a one-off event. Kno Global is nearly a poster child in terms of their fundraising story. They have received Angel investment, joined the Chinaaccelerator and now are fundraising with Venture Capital form and institutional investors. Marianne shares how she became an “accidental journalist” to moving to China and building Kno Global including her fundraising experiences. She highlights how important it is to become an equal partner with investors and stay focused and intentional in building a company.

Session 3 - Female Financial Power

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