Business & Leadership Coaching – Introduction Call


Business & Leadership Coaching – Introduction Call

In this Complimentary 30min chemistry session you and leadership coach Karen Lum assess your needs for having a positive, lasting impact both professionally and personally.  Based on the results from that chemistry session, you can then buy a 6-month unlimited coaching package with Karen, who challenges NCR students to think about every interaction to building the business and life they love.


What’s included in this coaching session?  A Complimentary 30min chemistry session

When it comes to fundraising, it all starts with the right mindset and understanding what it means for you personally, as a founder, to cultivate viable leadership skills that will serve you beyond general day-to-day business management.

In this coaching package, leadership coach,  Karen Lum challenges NCR students to think about every interaction having a positive, lasting impact both professionally and personally.

In 2015, Karen co-founded {embrace} worldwide. Established to support leaders and entrepreneurs – who happen to be mostly women – she developed a proprietary leadership model based on global coaching ideologies and scientifically proven principles of human behavior, positive psychology, and neuroscience.

Formerly a C-Suite executive, Karen utilizes her past experience in management and corporate branding to help her clients. enhance self-belief, generate executive presence and speak with gravitas and conviction.

Exclusive to NCR, Karen is offering her services in a specially designed coaching package for NCR students.

After your Complimentary 30min chemistry session – if you feel the magic with Karen then she builds out six month Fee-Based programmes that include: 

– Self-assessment and evaluation

– Unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions for a period of six months, tailored to your individual needs and covering some or all of the following:

  • principles of effective leadership.
  • principles of positive psychology
  • Self-belief and confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Communication and executive presence
  • collaboration and positive relations
  • conscious decision making

Who is this for?

Yes, if you are a business owner

Yes, if you want to scale up your leadership and business skills

Yes, if you want to have a balanced work/life relationship.

Yes, if you are an NCR student!

What others say about Karen Lum:

Karen is passionate about seeing true change and growth in the people she works with. She’s been incredibly supportive on my journey.

Marianne Hughes, Founder & CEO Kno Global

Karen understands very well what the founders are going through during COVID 19. She created this lovely community where female founders can share, get good energy from, and help each other. I was lucky to be part of it. Karen and the community accompany me going through the most challenging moment. I am really grateful to have Karen inspire and guild me.

Sophie Sun, Founder Plan House

Important information

Karen Lum will coach you in leadership and business skills. She will not make any investor introductions, nor be involved in or a representative of your business in any way.

Make sure to schedule your sessions within six months from your date of purchase; otherwise, it will expire. Click the link in your confirmation email to schedule your session.

Session booking protocol

This coaching session is available for registered Next Chapter Raise students only.

Upon “buying” this complementary introduction call, someone from NCR will be in contact with you to arrange next steps.


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