The Funding Edit – August 2021

by NICOLE DENHOLDER|24 August 2021

This month’s Next Chapter Funding Edit covers a wide ranging topics including Family & Friends fundraising, Insights from Tracie Clark from Perth Angels, Valuation tips from Aina Gaur from Sagana and programme opportunities with Impact Kommons. Read on for more.

This Month’s MasterClass

For many founders at the early stages, getting the business off the ground involves financial support from family and/or friends.  Although this process is simpler than getting angel or VC investment, as a founder you should treat the process with caution, professionalism and a long-term strategy in mind.
This month, our Savvy and Capital Club members will get access to Masterclass resources and insights on getting investment from Family & Friends to help ensure it is a positive experience for all involved.

This Month’s Investor-in-Residence


Tracie is an active Angel investor as Vice Chair of Perth Angels and investment professional with over 25 years’ experience in investment management, financial services, accounting and business strategy. She is the Founder and Director of Plan Smart Financial Services, and has provided support and advice to numerous start-ups from inception to exit.

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Capital Club

Our Capital Cohort this month is learning all about how to value their business with Aina Gaur from Sagana.  Here is a sneak peek on what they will be covering:
  • Mock walk through the fundraising process
  • How much to raise and guidance on approach
  • What is dilution of shareholders
  • Pitfalls in 1st fundraise that could impact future fundraising
  • Stock options for employees
We have opened up the waitlist here for Cohort 2.  Apply now and a member of our team will be in contact to chat with you.

Founder Spotlight


Alex Lamb and Rebecca Grover launched Lanterne Rouge to provide clients with talent management support. They have found a scalable solution for the Future of Work and are in the process of raising a Seed Round. Alex talks candidly about building the business with tech and consulting, navigating accelerator programmes with a newborn, and raising money in Silicon Valley during COVID-19.

” Building trusted relationships with investors is key, focus on those who:
Trust in your business and team
Trust that you know your customers
Provide business development introductions “

– Alex Lamb-

Special News

  1. The Advisory Board Centre’s report,  Achieving Scale: Breaking Through Barriers for Female Founders, is designed to identify and understand barriers to scale and the challenges in scaling a business for the individual owner and the resource considerations for the business. Read the full report HERE >
  2. Why Startups Fail – The Top 12 Reasons                                                                                                                                                  From lack of product-market fit to disharmony on the team, this article breaks down the top 12 reasons for startup failure by analyzing 110+ startup failure post-mortems. MORE >
  3. 2021 Early Stage Founder Sentiment Report
    January Ventures’ 3rd annual survey reveals the pandemic’s impact on early stage founders: more money than ever is going into startups, but the need for community has never been greater. MORE >

Funding Opportunities

We are proud to partner with Impact Kommons who are seeking companies that are interested in pilot and collaboration opportunities with New World Group and partners for sustainability and social impact solutions. Achieving 21 business integrations from the past 19 companies that have been in their program, their aim is to continue to drive business integrations. Application deadline is September 6th . FIND OUT MORE >

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