The Funding Edit – February 2022

by NICOLE DENHOLDER|21 February 2022

The Year of the Tiger is here and we are ready to leap ahead and get on with business!

This month, our Members get first-hand advice from our new partner Choco-Up about Revenue-based Financing, the do’s, don’ts and the benefits! This is a non-dilutive form of financing measure against your revenue forecasts and a cheaper way than equity to fund your business.

They also get the chance to revisit our previous MasterClass on Reward Based-Financing with Shaw Yean Lim!


Shaw Yean Lim is the CEO of Hustle Flywheel, providing revenue-based financing to online businesses. Shaw is passionate about helping founders retain control and grow their company efficiently. She has 13 years of experience in financial services, with expertise in building credit and derivative products.




Chris Edwards the founder of Honeycombers, a digital lifestyle magazine in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali, shares about how she started Honeycombers with three other co-founders, talks through Honeycombers’ growth, how she has used revenue and other key factors to supercharge the business, and how company values are important and drive the hiring process.

Listen to the interview here!


It has been two years since the pandemic began and we can’t wait for good luck to roll in again. The Lunar New Year just went by and here’s a quick look at what it could mean for businesses. READ MORE> 



Fundraising is already hard! Trying to do it during a pandemic can seem to be impossible! There are lots of factors that founders need to consider before, during and after fundraising. When should you start looking for investments? Which funding options should you choose and why? How much should you ask for? How to make good use of the money? To help make your life easier, Choco-Up have invited a group of experienced founders to share their insights and experiences about fundraising! FIND OUT MORE > 

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