The Funding Edit – October 2021

by NICOLE DENHOLDER|18 October 2021

This month’s Next Chapter Funding Edit covers a wide ranging topics including When to involve a lawyer in the fundraising process, Insights from Investor-in-Residence Ankita Vashistha and more! Read on>

This Month’s MasterClass

Our latest masterclass answers the burning questions around When to involve a lawyer in the fundraising process?  Whether you are looking for angel investment or early stage VC, it is pertinent that you know exactly what are your rights and responsibilities. Titus Rahiri and Dr. Nathalie Tortellier of KorumLegal are here to demystify the process!


This month’s learning points are:

What is the general time frame of a deal?
What is the role of the lawyer in an early stage deal?
When and what would a lawyer help on?
What are the typical documents lawyers assist on?
What should a founder have in place before speaking to a lawyer?
Legal issues or red flags to keep an eye out for when seeking equity funding
Post-deal growth issues to consider

This Month’s Investor-in-Residence


Ankita is a founding partner at StrongHer Capital and  Saha Fund with a focus on diversity and gender lens investing. She has also launched the innovation hubs and accelerators, MySpaces and Wavemaker Labs.  As an advisor and mentor, Ankita has evaluated and mentored over 1000 startups and invested in over 50 companies.

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Founder Spotlight


As the founder of 10th Studio, an end-to-end manufacturing and product development agency, Courtney has built a successful business that operates globally with a remote workforce. This kind of structure has enabled the company to adapt, survive and even thrive during challenging times. Courtney’s energy shines as she takes us through her journey. Plus she explains how she channels “Lucy Liu” in difficult negotiations.

” When you raise money, you will spend it in different ways than you expect. So expect to make a few mistakes along the way
– Courtney Haley-

Special News

Investors meet with a lot of founders who are at different stages, with different business models and varied growth opportunities. However, what’s critical to all investors is the need for founders to have their business fundamentals in place before they meet. What are the business fundamentals which matter most to investors? READ ON TO FIND OUT>

Funding Opportunities

Eureka Nova is hosting the New World Innovation Challenge 2021, an open competition designed to elevate solutions provided by the next generation of promising startups, entrepreneurs and students.They are looking for innovative startups to showcase their creativity and a chance to win a cash prize as well as the opportunity to work with us. To better equip our teams, participants are given exclusive access to mentorship from established startup founders, industry expertise from New World Group mentors and in-person site visits on the case studies they will tackle. FIND OUT MORE >