by DIANA DORAHY|8 August 2020

Female Founding News

Hi and welcome to the Wrap, a quick look at the week that was, I’m Diana Dorahy.

It’s the start of a new month so that means three new guest experts join us at Next Chapter Raise.

This month, we’re very excited to welcome Masterclass host, Jeffery Broer, a Hong Kong based Dutch consultant, entrepreneur, startup investor and strategist. The topic this month is all about how to make yourself interesting to an investor and get that second meeting. Welcome, Jeffery!

Plus, our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Courtney Haley, Founder of 10th Studio. Courtney has 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and product design and some of her clients include Old Navy, the massive CVS chain and Becca. She has a wealth of knowledge so don’t miss out on her events with us this month.

And Christine Yu is our Investor-in-Residence in August. She’s the Managing Director of Lapidary, a venture focused on impact investments. She is also an active angel investor and leads the Hong Kong chapter of AngelVest. Again, tune in for her events.


Now, ICYMI, we posted a story showing a map of the top female founders in every country. If you have a look, you’ll see that half of the top 10 are from APAC. There are a few mistakes in there and it’s pretty Europe/US focused. They’ve lumped China, Indonesia, Australia and others as “rest of Asia and Oceania” but still, it’s a fascinating look so check it out.


In funding news this week…

A New venture capital fund, the Females Ventures Fund, has just launched in the UK. The fund is led by and for women and promises to invest 10 million pounds in women-only startups in the first year alone.

Plus, First Women’s Bank in Chicago has been given the green light to open, becoming the first commercial bank startup there in more than a decade. The focus? Lending to women-owned businesses. I’ll put the link on our website, have a read of this story and the women behind the bank launch, it’s inspiring stuff. Plus, they talk about which lending products they’re going to offer and why.


My story of the week this week…. 

Valley-based XX has become the first accelerator to allow anyone to invest in the best early-stage startups online. They had an online demo day but you can still invest and the minimum is just $100. The result? Wider access to Silicon Valley, where anyone can invest in the next Facebook and Airbnb, and global communities can share in that wealth. Fantastic idea!


My tip of the week this week…..

Comes from a piece done earlier in the year profiling Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark. She’s very busy running her own media company, producing Broadway shows, investing in startups, particularly female founded, as well as raising three kids.

When asked how she balances it all she says she doesn’t. Instead, her rule is this: Work, sleep, family, friends and fitness – pick three. And expect those to be lopsided too. The aim is to do all five over the long run. Something we should all remind ourselves about.

Other hot tips include:

  • Take chances, even if others say it’s a mistake
  • Don’t doubt yourself, because you might miss out on creating something great
  • It’s okay to have lopsided priorities, especially in a startup


Coming up next week on Next Chapter Raise….

We’ve got Christine Yu on our podcast plus a whole lot more.

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