by NICOLE DENHOLDER|22 June 2020

Female Founding News

This week’s round-up of the latest female funding news on The Wrap by Next Chapter Raise, presented by Diana Dorahy.Hi and welcome to the wrap, our quick look at the week that was. I’m Diana Dorahy.

It was another busy week at Next Chapter Raise.

We had a double bill from entrepreneur extraordinaire, Joanne Hotung. She was a guest star on our podcast this week with tip after tip for growing your business and working with investors.  There was so much advice – this was really an episode where you needed to take notes.

Here are a couple of gems:

  • If you can be the first to market – fantastic – and if you can quickly expand those products of services like she did – even better – but to be successful you have to stay on point and stick to your original philosophy and values. That has to drive your brand and your business. 
  • When she was looking to scale, she actually waited five years to find a partner who was dollar and value aligned. You can’t underestimate the importance of that.
  • She also says after getting investor funding, one of the big concerns was how am I performing for my shareholders vs how is my company performing? However with the right investor it becomes a partnership, not a reporting line. Great advice.

Now, if you want more funding insights, check out this week’s podcast.

As our Entrepreneur-in-Residence this month, Joanna also had a lively discussion on our forum – again, giving our members the opportunity to talk about their issues and concerns.

What else this week?

The Cartier Women’s Initiative announced its 2020 laureates. Want some inspiration? Check out the list of these impact entrepreneurs. The future is bright. 

Speaking of bright, AsiaBiz Today did a wonderful profile piece on our trailblazing founder, Nicole this week. She talks all about her funding journey and how Next Chapter Raise was born. Have a read.

My number one news story from around the world this week goes to a piece in The Standard about how women can level the playing field. 

  • First up, network with other women. According to a 2019 joint study by the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern, more than 75% of women in high-ranking positions have female-dominated inner circles or strong ties with women in their network. Lean in, ladies.
  • They also talk about finding a female mentor who can help you with specific challenges in the workplace like sexism, juggling childcare and dealing with imposter syndrome. I don’t know what you’re talking about?
  • Finally, they encourage you to own your accomplishments. Women tend to downplay their own contributions and accomplishments.

How does this manifest? See if any of these ring true?

  • You struggle to take charge.
  • You charge less for your expertise.
    And, you give away too much without a financial commitment from a potential client.
  • Remember, you’ve earned your position so don’t be afraid to assert your authority.

My tip of the week this week – sounds like I already gave it but wait, there’s more. It goes to a piece in CEO World Magazine – Tips for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

  • Work in a variety of fields and learn how each facet of a business operates
  • Take every chance to excel
  • Fail forward – love this – each time we make a mistake we learn and grow. I think we need to call it something else? 
  • Always aim to do better and be the best version of yourself – not someone else
  • And value your voice – speak up, that’s how barriers come down

Coming up next week on Next Chapter Raise, our first member chat on the podcast. Hear from one of Asia’s upcoming entrepreneurs about how they’re growing their business.

Have a great weekend and catch you next time on the wrap.