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Recent round-up of the latest female funding news on The Wrap by Next Chapter Raise and presented by Diana Dorahy.

Hi and welcome to the wrap, our quick look at the week that was. I’m Diana Dorahy.

Let’s start with what happened in funding this week and who doesn’t like a good list? 

But this isn’t just a good list, it’s pretty much THE list and is definitely the place to get started.

It’s called the Global Support Ecosystem for women entrepreneurs and investors. The title really says it all but here it is broken down: the names of 340 plus VCs, accelerators, angel networks, conferences and communities supporting women innovators and investors. 

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If you only had time to read one thing this week, hopefully it was Nicole’s piece on the difference between business and funding fundamentals. Yes, there is a difference. This is the ultimate business health check so make sure you read it.

Our tip of the week this week is all about overcoming imposter syndrome. 

For those not familiar with the term, imposter syndrome is where a person doubts their accomplishments and has a fear of being exposed as a fraud. In fact one British survey found 90% of women suffer from it. 

Expert Carrie Swift offers these tips:

  • Take control of your self talk – get out of the habit of telling yourself that you’re not experienced enough or too young, too old, too shy, too something.
  • Develop a growth mindset and focus on the learning process not just the outcome – I think that’s what people call the journey now?
  • Push yourself with regular challenges, but remember – feasible challenges
  • Work on your body language and practise power poses, that’s right, sit up, sit forward, breathe deeply, project
  • Write it down – nothing affirms like looking back at what you’ve already achieved
  • And my favourite, sort of my mantra, fake it until you make it

Coming up next week on Next Chapter Raise 

Our masterclass June host, Andrew Barclay answers your cashflow questions. 

A new podcast episode is out on Wednesday featuring an interview with Georgie McNee, our Investor-in-residence in June. You’ll learn what an IIR does, what support from an angel investor looks like and the importance of financial projections. 

Plus, and this is big, Cartier opens its applications next week – June 4th – for the Cartier Women’s Initiative. Winners will get mentoring, networking opportunities, media visibility and $100K dollars. That’s what we call finishing on a high note.

Have a great weekend and see you next time on The Wrap.